Kiou 13, Keratsini
210 4612005

Gourountis Marine Safety (GMS) is a private enterprise founded in 1994 and has remained under the same management and ownership for the past 18 years.

The company is pursuing a dynamic process based on knowledge experience and continued
efforts to improve the quality of products and services has considerably broadened the circle
of work in the Greek market offering products and services of high quality and reliability.

GMS services and sells life-rafts, marine accessories, Firefighting equipment and installations. Our Service station located in Piraeus, Greece. We are authorized by the major life-raft manufacturers to service and sell their quality product.

We are able to offer excellent service because of our fully stocked inventory of manufacturer’s parts, adherence to strict quality processes manufacturer factory trained and certified technicians.

GMS wants our customers to know:

  • Life-rafts service is a function of vital importance
  • We are fully committed to their safety
  • Our technicians are the best trained in the industry.
  • We offer pickup and delivery from all areas located within Greece.
  • We take great pride in our product expertise and take the time to insure our customers obtain the service they deserve.
  • Purchasing and proper upkeep of their Safety equipment is an investment in personal safety.

The Key Company Activities are:

  • Plant system
  • Fire safety
  • Automatic fire extinguishing
  • Fire finding system
  • Inspection and repair life raft and supply them
  • Inspection hydrostatic mechanism and survival
  • Supply store
  • Control ship security
  • Sales of all types of fire extinguishers (portable & wheeled)fire station hose fittings, sluice, breathing apparatus, mask, sprinkler, battery, CO2 extinguishing systems, automatic (FM200)inlet breeching, foam generators, firefight foam and powder.